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Puretec Water Treatment Systems

By installing an advanced Puretec water treatment system, you ensure clean and healthy water for your family or business. At GMR, we supply Puretec water purification systems that are designed specifically to filter all types of nasties, including odour, iron and sediment leaving you with pure water.

Carbon Filtration Systems

Puretec CFS Series

Carbon Filtration Systems

Puretec CFS Carbon filtration systems provide beautiful, great tasting water for the most fastidious leaving beneficial vital minerals to assist in a healthy life.

CFS units are used in the domestic, commercial and industrial fields and are effective in special situations such as oil removal. The Puretec CFS system reduce chlorine, taste, odour and sediment by absorbing it through the filtration bed.

Iron Removal Systems

Puretec IRS Series

Iron Removal Systems

Puretec IRS Series systems are designed to prevent the staining and rust build up in your water system. The system reduces the level of iron and manganese, through increasing the rate of oxidisation of dissolved iron and then physically filtering the iron using the deep filter bed. Iron levels up to 28 ppm are treatable.

After hardness, iron is the most common water contaminant causing staining, thick sediment, slime and smell. It blocks up pumps, taps, filters and ruins the look of anything it comes in contact with. Iron at high levels will cost you money.

Neutralising Treatment Systems

Puretec NTS Series

Neutralising Treatment Systems

The Puretec NTS Series are designed to correct the pH (acidity) of the water supply. Acidic water can cause corrosion of pipe-work and seals in the water line, causing costly damage.

The Puretec NTS Series reduces green/blue staining commonly noticed on plumbing fixtures meaning that corrosion of the pipe-work has possibly started. These units effectively utilise a calcium carbonate media to lift the pH which slowly dissolves into the water protecting the plumbing system from corrosion.

Sediment Filtration Systems

Puretec SFS Series

Back washable Sediment Filtration Systems

The Puretec SFS Series sediment filtration system removes sediment, silt, sand and other particulate presenting a buildup of sludge in your pipe work, hot water systems and appliances.

Puretec SFS Series deliver a fully automatic and highly dependable control valve, which helps minimize energy and water waste. Features a fully automatic operation that provides a reliable design and simple programming for ease of use.

Commercial Water Softeners

Puretec SOL-C Series

The Puretec SOL-C Series Commercial Water Softeners softens water by removing hardness ions, calcium and magnesium.

Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals such as limestone, lead, iron, sulphur, calcium and magnesium. If these minerals are not removed from your water, they will cause scaling, eventually blocking plumbing and shortening the life of appliances.

These chemicals are not easily detected, but numerous negative effects can be unpleasant and costly. The SOL-C Series achieves long life of the filter bed through regeneration using brine solution which is operated through a fully automatic time clock.

Softrol Softening Systems

Soft water benefits from a superior water softener appliance

Use less detergents. Clean bathrooms and dishes more easily. Reduces scum, towels and linen are softer and appliances last longer. The benefits are almost endless, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Puretec Softrol’s guaranteed systems combine the latest in innovation and 25 years of experience in the harshest environments.

Puretec PRO Series

Portable Wall Mounted Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Puretec PRO Series Reverse Osmosis systems are very versatile with the garden tap connection supplied. The systems can be simply transferred for all its different applications.

They are highly effective in removal of 98% of suspended particles, sediment, salt, bacteria, chemicals, cysts pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, taste and odour with optional post filter kit.

Continuous Flow Reverse Osmosis System

Puretec ROS Series

Continuous Flow Reverse Osmosis System

Puretec ROS2700 Series represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the water treatment industry. This new reverse osmosis system features continuous-flow water production, a storage tank is no longer required.

This unit operates on line pressure, which eliminates the need for an electrical pump in most applications. It uses water pressure to reverse a natural physical process called osmosis. Water under pressure, is forced through a semi-permeable membrane to filter out minerals and impurities.