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Grant Ice Machines

Why Choose Grant?

Grant Ice Systems relies on top quality products, impeccable product service, reasonable prices, excellent credibility and a good reputation to gain thousands of customer's approval. We believe that Grant Ice Systems will be your ideal choice.

Benefits of a Grant Flake Ice Machine

Grant Ice Systems ice making machines key components and parts are imported from different countries designed beautifully with advanced technology, excellent performance and highly economical energy consumption. The operating systems use PC board computer to automatically control the whole ice making process and almost all functions of the machine such as:

  • low water flow,
  • high ambient conditions,
  • phase failure,
  • low gas pressure,
  • automatic ice full detection which makes for easy and convenient operation.

Grant Ice Systems' flake ice making machines are produced by using high quality, low temperature alloy steel to provide maximum heat transfer from the water to the static vertical sealed evaporator. The unique design of our evaporator combined with our rolling reamer to remove the ice effortlessly plus the ice produced is approximately -9 degrees centigrade and it's very dry and long lasting also with minimal maintenance requirements proves why Grant Ice is a World Leader in ice production offering many years of trouble free ice making, in a word it is Maximum Ice and Minimum Energy with our New Generation in Ice Production.

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