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Follet Modular Range

Horizon 700 Series Chewblet Ice Machines

  • Produces from 238 kg (525 lbs) to 717 kg (1580 lbs) of Chewblet ice in a 24-hour period

Horizon Elite 1000 & 1400 Series Chewblet Ice Machines

  • New scale-inhibiting design.
  • Produces purer ice for trouble-free dispensing.

Maestro 400 Series Chewblet Ice Machines

  • Automatic self-flushing to remove impurities.
  • Semi-automatic cleaning and sanitation in less than one hour.
  • Technical and performance enhancements.

Maestro Plus™ Flake Ice Machines

  • Produce approximately 425 lbs (193 kg)/day of flake ice.
  • A wide range of ice storage bins provide the flexibility to meet space and capacity requirements.
  • Offers automatic self-flushing to remove impurities.