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Storage Bins

Manitowoc Storage Bins

Manitowoc B-Style Ice Storage Bins offer a highly styled design with a perfect fit and finish for the Manitowoc cubers, nugget and flaker ice machine models. The Manitowoc F-Style Large Capacity Ice Storage Bins are equipped with a sliding gate for increased employee safety, easier ice removal, and reduced spillage. B-320 Storage Bin Stores 95kg…

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Ice-O-Matic Storage Bins

Ice-O-Matic storage bins provide the best approach to ice handling. With a convenient design that includes an extra-large door opening and a built-in scoop holder, meaning you’ll never have to search for the scoop again. One-piece, polyethylene bin liners and industrial foam insulation prevent ice from melting, ensuring crystal-clear ice every time. Every Ice-O-Matic bin…

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