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Aqua Cooler Mains Connected Drinking Water Units

Aqua Cooler drinking fountains are the iconic figureheads of the Aqua Cooler product line up. A favourite across a range of industries on account of their unmatched durability, reliability and performance. The stylish and unassuming design suits just about any location and the IP33 rating on the M Series drinking fountain means it can be installed where other fountains can’t.

M Series

Heavy-Duty Mains-Connected Drinking Fountains

 The M Series is a sleek mains-connected water fountain with a heavy duty build. The tank is made from industrial grade stainless steel ensuring that the fountain will effortlessly meet demand.

Key Features

  • Industrial grade 304 stainless-steel tank and robust construction.
  • Polished stainless-steel top.
  • Front panel removes for ease of servicing.
  • Optional stainless-steel cabinets.
  • Simple filter changes for filtered units.
  • Adjustable, tamper proof non-squirt bubbler and glass filler.
  • IP33 – Suitable for outdoor and uncovered use.

WM Series

Wall-Mounted Mains-Connected Drinking Fountains

 Mounted on the wall and especially designed for areas where floor space is restricted. The WM Series can be mounted at any height, making it ideal for children or those in wheelchairs.

Key Features

  • Industrial grade 304 stainless steel tank and robust construction
  • Polished stainless steel top
  • Front panel removes for ease of servicing
  • Adjustable, tamper proof non-squirt bubbler and glass filler

H2O Presto Chiller Range

H2ONow Chiller remote drinking water systems delivers 5L/h of water at 10 °C cooled from 27 °C inlet water at 32 °C ambient. The evaporator uses copper evaporator tubes on stainless-steel water storage tank, both of which are encapsulated in insulation. The R-134a refrigerant system is hermetically sealed and the refrigerant is capillary-tube controlled. An adjustable thermostat having an off position controls the refrigeration system.